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Distribution of bacterial blight resistance genes in the main cultivars and application of Xa23 in rice breeding


Shiguang Wang1,2†, Wei Liu 1,2†, Dongbai Lu1,2, Zhanhua Lu1,2, Xiaofei Wang1,2,Jiao Xue1,2 and Xiuying He1,2*

Frontiers in Plant Science


Bacterial blight (BB) is an important constraint on achieving a high and stable rice grain yield. An increasing number of BB resistance (R) genes have been identified and cloned to increase the available options for rice disease resistance breeding. However, it is necessary to understand the distribution of R genes in rice varieties for rational distribution and breeding. Here, we genotyped five R genes, i.e. Xa4, Xa7, Xa21, Xa23, and Xa27, in seventy main cultivars from Guangdong Province, South China using the corresponding specific markers. Our results showed that 61 varieties carried Xa4, only three varieties carried Xa27, and Xa7, Xa21, or Xa23 was not detected in all tested varieties. Notably, only 33 varieties exhibited resistance to pathotype IV Xoo strains. These results indicate that Xa4 is no longer suitable for widespread use in rice breeding, although Xa4 is widely present in tested varieties. Remarkably, the strongly virulent BB strains of pathotype IX evolved quickly in southern China, and Xa23 was found to effectively confer resistance against the pathotype IX strains. Subsequently, we successfully bred two novel inbred rice varieties as also being restorer lines and two photoperiod- and thermosensitive genic male sterility (P/TGMS) lines using the broad-spectrum resistance gene Xa23 through marker-assisted selection (MAS) combined with phenotypic selection. All of the developed lines and derived hybrids exhibited enhanced resistance to BB with excellent yield performance. Our research may potentially facilitate both of the inbred and hybrid rice disease resistance breeding.

Keywords: rice, bacterial blight, distribution, Xa23, marker-assisted selection

附件:Distribution of bacterial blight resistance genes in the main cultivars and application of Xa23 in rice breeding

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